Water Fasting Day 1

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It’s been a minute since I last posted due to Back to School and the fact that I was trying to get my mind right to perform a water fast.

Yep, ya heard me correctly, water fast!

No food, no juice, no smoothies, just me and my water.

Yes, it’s not easy, and NO this isn’t my first time water fasting.


I was informed about water fasting after reading Dr. Fuhrman’s book Fasting and Eating for Health.

I am not a doctor so I look to Dr. Fuhrman’s books for guidance on proper fasting.

Let me explain what happened the last time I fasted.

I fasted on water for about 7 days then I broke the fast with vegetable juice for about 4 days and transitioned into smoothies for a few days after that, then I moved on to steamed veggies and apples.

This was months ago and I’ve been healed of acid reflux and IBS.

I haven’t had one episode of acid reflux and I’ve eaten spicy foods, cooked tomatoes, and chocolate, all BTW which were triggers for me.

My IBS disappeared. And I’ve been back on a regular eating plan for awhile, not one issue.

Is fasting for everyone? I don’t know, as I mentioned previously, I am not a doctor, I am just a gal trying to figure it out.

I do know that people have been fasting for centuries and it’s not a new idea.

Do I love to fast?  Not the first couple of days, because HELLO, I am hungry.

But, it’s o.k. to be a little hungry.

I’ve pretty much eaten every type of food and I know what it all taste like so “mind hunger” isn’t the end of the world.

I will spend the next week or so updating you daily on my fasting results, the ups and downs, trials and tribulations.

I am currently on day 2 of my fast as of right now and I am not sure how many days I am going to complete.

I take it one day at a time.

I drink 12 to 16 cups of Smart Water daily and I find that the Smart Water helps me stay active.

I know it has a little electrolytes included, maybe that’s why I still have energy.

I also make sure I rest.

Proper rest while fasting is key.

Don’t forget prayer.

I pray all day because I can’t do this without the guidance of God, I am not that strong.

Until tomorrow folks!

Water Fasting



12-16 cups of purified water. 


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