Hello People, My name is Lisa and I just want you to know that I am, “Not Quite a Vegan…?™” Growing up in a meat loving family and then creating a meat loving family of my own, attempting to even remotely be vegan has been a big challenge.

For those of you who may recognize me, Yes, I am the Creole Contessa and yes I have never been one to shy away from bacon and butter.

Yes, I will continue to operate the Creole Contessa website because that is who I am, partially, and Big Goo the hubby is not having it.

I am “Not Quite a Vegan…?™” and Big Goo is, “Not About to be a Vegan!” So I will continue to cook multiple meals like I’ve been doing for years.

On this site I will share my partially vegan eats, yes, partially, yes I love dairy and will continue to eat it in moderation, and on The Creole Contessa blog I will continue to share, well, you’ll just have to click and see.

Join me on my “Not Quite a Vegan…?™” journey, as I cook, garden, and share my favorite products.