21-Day Detox Grocery List!

I am so excited, it’s our first post and I decided to start it off with a bang!

We’re about to embark on a new year with a new you! Not Quite a Vegan’s 21 Day Detox is about to be in full effect! 

Today I am posting our 21 Day Detox Grocery List…this will give you time to get all your vegetables, fruits, and anything else that’s needed for our detox. 

Save yourself time by pre-washing everything, spinning them dry if you have a salad spinner, wrap everything up in paper towels and separate each days fruits in veggies into freezer bags then refrigerate. 

This will save you time and energy that may be lacking the first few days of the detox!

If you don’t own a juicer, no problem, blend your drinks…or purchase store bought veggie drinks…remember fresh is always best! 

You can also hit up your local juice/smoothie bar for fresh on the go smoothies and juices…don’t forget that shot of wheat grass folks!

If you can’t do a full 21 days…no problem…how about doing a weekend plan from Friday-Sunday! 

Eating light and healthy during the week!

All these items on the list are readily available at your local grocery store, drug store or Whole Foods if you like…which I do! 

I am showing you what products I use and love…but hey people…do you!

Don’t forget to support your local farmers by hitting up the farmer markets in your neighborhood!

The print-it button is located at the bottom of the page…save ink…check (don’t print picture).
Week 1-Grocery List

·       1 case 8-ounce bottles of purified water
·       4 organic lemons
·       7 organic cucumbers-peel if non organic
·       7 organic bunches of celery
·       7 Bunches Parsley
·       7 Bunch  of radishes
·       5 bags of LARGE organic carrots, peel if non organic
·       14 organic apples or more, seeded, peel if non organic
·       2 containers of mango good belly probiotics (or other liquid probiotic drink)
·       1 container of amazing grass trio or wheat grass powder
·       Organic or natural multivitamin daily like ALIVE or centrum
·       Oatmeal
·       1 bunch organic bananas
·       3 large ginger root
·       3 heads organic broccoli
·       7 heads organic romaine lettuce
·       7 tomatoes
·       Extra virgin olive oil (optional)
·       Hemp Oil (optional)
·       Reduced Fat Salad Dressing
·       Salad spinner (optional)
·       Freezer Bags
·       Metamucil(optional)
·       Coconut Water (optional)

Links to the Detox

Disclaimer: This advice is not to be substituted or intended for professional medical advice and all individuals should consult with a physician prior to trying this fast.



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    So on the 21 Day Detox plan — do you have only that smoothie for the whole day? Do you drink it several times a day? Do you drink it once in the morning and then eat other food during the day? What are the other details re: food for the plan??

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