Day 21: 21 Day Detox with a Pomegranate Blackberry Smoothie

Can you believe it, we’re at the last and final day of our 21 Day Detox!!!!! This has been truly a food adventure.


I wanted to end the final day of the detox with my favorite, Pomegranate Blackberry Smoothie. 

My favorite part about this smoothie, is I don’t have to pull out my juicer. Which means I don’t have to clean two separate containers.

With the help of POM pomegranate juice, and good belly probiotics, I just put everything into the Vitamix and blend for less than a minute!

Yes, it’s that simple! 

Now, although the official 21 Day Detox has ended, that doesn’t mean we stop juicing and making smoothies.

The goal of the Detox was to teach us new ways of eating and being.

Not to end the detox with a cheeseburger…although that does sound good…but NO!

I want to thank you for taking this journey with me, and don’t forget, drink a green smoothie/juice a day to help keep you on the right track!

Food is our friend and it should be enjoyed, everything in moderation people!

Now it’s time for us to really start cooking as you join me on my journey to be, Not Quite a Vegan!

Day 21: 21 Day Detox with a Pomegranate Blackberry Smoothie

Servings: 2


1 cup POM juice
1 cup Good Belly mango
1 cup frozen blackberries
1 frozen banana
2 cups leafy greens


Add everything to blender and blend well.


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