Flat Tummy Spa Water

O.K. people, I am sure you’ve surfed the web and saw hundreds of recipes for Flat Tummy Water.

Flat Tummy Spa Water is a detox drink that gets rid of the bloat and other things…in your tummy!

Initially, I was a little skeptical about this drink.   
I am aware that ginger, cucumber and lemon are great things to eat and drink. 
I make lemon water every morning and I drink it warm or cold. 

After replacing my lemon water for Flat Tummy Spa Water, I am  one happy gal!

Not only did I lose 3 lbs…yes…3 lbs in 3 days, but my stomach is also shrinking…I am sure it’s water weight I loss but who cares, my stomach is shrinking!!!

Did I mention I have not changed my diet!

I’ve eaten regular meals, most meatless, but still regular meals and this Flat Tummy Spa Water along with a green smoothie every morning for breakfast.

I am convinced, my Flat Tummy Spa Water is my new go to detox drink.  

Flat Tummy Spa Water

Servings: 1


12 cups purified water
2 lemons, organic
1 cucumber, organic
2 inch piece of ginger, grated
1/2 cup mint, organic


Slice lemon and cucumber into thin pieces. Place all ingredients in a big jar, allow to chill overnight and drink throughout the day.

Mixture can be used twice, add more fresh ginger and refill with water, allow to chill overnight in the refrigerator and drink.


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