Flush Fat™ Cranwater

I have a new drink that over the past week has helped me flush out the fat!

First, cranberries does a body right. These little berries are packed full of all kind of nutrients that helps detox the body.

Drinking straight cranberry juice in my opinion, is not very pleasant.

But when you mix it with water, the diluted juice is not only palatable, it’s down right delicious, and the fat flush tendencies also makes it a keeper!

This is a NO EXCUSES Flush Fat™ juice!

The Flush Fat™ Cranwater doesn’t require any expensive equipment, you just need 100% Cranberry juice and purified water.

This one’s a Flush Fat™ keeper!

Flush Fat™  Cranwater

1 cup 100% cranberry juice
6 cups purified water


Mix cranberry juice and water, stir well. Drink throughout the day.



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      Momo over the past I would say 2 1/2 months I’ve lost 40 lbs and counting. I drink the fat flush water but I also eat vegetarian 5 days a week water fast 1 day a week and I eat chicken, turkey or fish 1 day a week. I am going to get all the info on what I am doing together and write out a plan so everyone can see it.

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